About Glen

A professional writer since 1989, Glen’s stories focus on the intersections of things: religion and science, art and commerce, fables and reality.

Glen up in Texas and left it as quickly as he could. Since then, he’s lived in California, Malaysia, Ohio, Saudi Arabia, and Washington (both state and District of Columbia). Glen’s stories have appeared in Riddled with Arrows; Today, Tomorrow, AlwaysAlternate PresidentsEmpyreome Weekly Flash Fiction; and New Pathways. His novel, Darwin’s Daughter, and his collection of non-fiction, First Impressions: Dancing about Literature since 1986, are available on Amazon. Glen lives in Golden, Colorado with his wife and two cats and is self-employed, mainly writing full-time for an international development non-profit in Denver.

Past Appearances: COSine 2022, MileHiCon 53, Bertram Texas Book Club, CoNZealand (78th World SF Convention), COSine 2020, Lakewood Book Club, Denver Book Club, PhilCon 2004, Night Voices 1993

Active Memberships: SFWA, NCWW, Codex