These are my published works in reverse chronological order. Links take you to where you can read it or buy it, depending on availability.




“The Needle and the Damage Done,” Triangulation: Hospitium, forthcoming.

Homesteading,” Flash in a Flash patreon, 5 Apr 2024.


A Kind of Magic,” LatineLit, Vol. 2 Issue 2, Spring 2023

Higher Learning,” Utopia Science Fiction, Feb/Mar 2023.


This must be the place,” Nature:Futures, 7 October 2022, doi:

“The Winds of War,” Triangulation: Energy, ed. John Thompson & Storm Walden, PARSEC Ink, 29 July 2022, ISBN 978-0974323169, $17.00.

The Ghost of You Lingers,” Factor Four Magazine, April 2022. Reprinted in Sunshine Superhighway: Solar Sailings, ed. Jessica Augustsson, JayHenge Publishing KB, 2 January 2024, ASIN B0CRF1M5HP, $24.00. 

The Fool,” SFS Stories, February 2022.


The Last Dangerous Vision,” Riddled with Arrows, Spring 2021.


“The Lion King: A Modern Fable,” in Worth 1,000 Words: A Flash Fiction Anthology, 101 Flash Fiction Stories by 101 Authors, ed. Jason Brick, Dani J. Calle, Jason Brick, December 2021, ISBN 979-857704981-2, $19.99.


Famished,” Empyreome, 8 February 2019.

“Why Dr. Dre’s 50th Anniversary Revisit of The Chronic is the Future of Live Performance,” in Today, Tomorrow, Always: Volume One, ed. Margery de Brus, Margery de Brus, LLC., March 2019, ISBN 978-1-73385-390-3, $6.99, 90pp.


Darwin’s Daughter: A Novel, Glen Engel-Cox, Blue Agama Books, February 2015, ISBN 978-0-9905179-2-4, $9.95, 284pp.


“Earth Mars Venus,” Just Because, September 1998.


Going Mobile, in La Luz Canyon / Going Mobile, Royce H. Allen, Glen E. Cox, Roadkill Press, October 1992, $6.00.


“The More Things Change…” Glen E. Cox, in Alternate Presidents, ed. Mike Resnick, Tor, February 1992, ISBN 0-812-51192-1, $4.99, 466pp.


“Abraham’s Bosom,” Glen E. Cox, New Pathways, January 1991.





First Impressions: Dancing About Literature Since 1986, Glen Engel-Cox, Blue Agama Books, February 2021, ISBN 978-1-950035-07-06, $14.99, 558pp.


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