These are my published works in reverse chronological order. Links take you to where you can read it or buy it, depending on availability.




A Kind of Magic,” LatineLit, Vol. 2 Issue 2, Spring 2023

Higher Learning,” Utopia Science Fiction, Feb/Mar 2023.


This must be the place,” Nature:Futures, 7 October 2022, doi:

“The Winds of War,” Triangulation: Energy, ed. John Thompson & Storm Walden, PARSEC Ink, 29 July 2022, ISBN 978-0974323169, $17.00.

The Ghost of You Lingers,” Factor Four Magazine, April 2022. Reprinted in Sunshine Superhighway: Solar Sailings, ed. Jessica Augustsson, JayHenge Publishing KB, 2 January 2014, ASIN B0CRF1M5HP, $24.00. 

The Fool,” SFS Stories, February 2022.


The Last Dangerous Vision,” Riddled with Arrows, Spring 2021.


“The Lion King: A Modern Fable,” in Worth 1,000 Words: A Flash Fiction Anthology, 101 Flash Fiction Stories by 101 Authors, ed. Jason Brick, Dani J. Calle, Jason Brick, December 2021, ISBN 979-857704981-2, $19.99.


Famished,” Empyreome, 8 February 2019.

“Why Dr. Dre’s 50th Anniversary Revisit of The Chronic is the Future of Live Performance,” in Today, Tomorrow, Always: Volume One, ed. Margery de Brus, Margery de Brus, LLC., March 2019, ISBN 978-1-73385-390-3, $6.99, 90pp.


Darwin’s Daughter: A Novel, Glen Engel-Cox, Blue Agama Books, February 2015, ISBN 978-0-9905179-2-4, $9.95, 284pp.


“Earth Mars Venus,” Just Because, September 1998.


Going Mobile, in La Luz Canyon / Going Mobile, Royce H. Allen, Glen E. Cox, Roadkill Press, October 1992, $6.00.


“The More Things Change…” Glen E. Cox, in Alternate Presidents, ed. Mike Resnick, Tor, February 1992, ISBN 0-812-51192-1, $4.99, 466pp.


“Abraham’s Bosom,” Glen E. Cox, New Pathways, January 1991.





First Impressions: Dancing About Literature Since 1986, Glen Engel-Cox, Blue Agama Books, February 2021, ISBN 978-1-950035-07-06, $14.99, 558pp.


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